Our Education Committee have worked hard to put together a robust educational programme to meet your echo development needs.

Join us from Monday 5 - Saturday 10 October 2020 for our live sessions, shown below:

Monday 5 October 2020

12.55 pm - 3.00 pm

Time Talk Speaker
12.55 pm Welcome and chair Keith Pearce
1.00 pm 3D assessment of MR Bushra Rana 
1.20 pm Stress echo for MR Anita MacNab 
1.40 pm Scientist/physiologist-led TOE services Elliot Smith
2.00 pm TOE prior to mitral valve repair Mark Monaghan 
2.20 pm Mitral annular disjunction Rick Steeds
2.40 pm Question and answer session
Tuesday 6 October 2020

6.25 pm - 8.30 pm

Time Talk Speaker
6.25 pm Welcome and chair Lynne Williams 
6.30 pm Differentials of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by multi-modality imaging Rick Steeds
6.50 pm Exercise stress echo in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Gemma Bassindale
7.10 pm Scientist/physiologist-led stress echo clinics Martin Stout
7.30 pm Differentiating athlete's heart from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Dan Augustine
7.50 pm BSE hypertrophic cardiomyopathy guideline Will Bradlow
8.10 pm Question and answer session
Wednesday 7 October 2020

12.55 pm - 3.00 pm

Time Talk Speaker
12.55 pm Welcome and chair  Dan Augustine
1.00 pm Epidemiology of COVID Bernard Prendergast
1.20 pm Echo manifestations of COVID: Left heart Richard Fisher
1.40 pm Echo manifestations of COVID: Right heart Kelly Victor
2.00 pm Echo in athletes post-COVID Aneil Malhotra
2.20 pm COVID-19: The BSE survey David Oxborough
2.40 pm Question and answer session
Thursday 8 October 2020

6.25 pm - 8.30 pm

Time Talk Speaker
6.25 pm Welcome and chair Cathy West 
6.30 pm Stress echo in aortic stenosis Benoy Shah
6.50 pm Emerging concepts in the assessment of aortic stenosis Shaun Robinson
7.10 pm Scientist/physiologist-led valve clinics: A new model Keith Pearce
7.30 pm Echo assessment post-TAVI Laura Dobson
7.50 pm Mechanisms and assessment of aortic regurgitation Nav Masani
8.10 pm Question and answer session
Friday 9 October 2020

12.55 pm - 3.00 pm

Time Talk Speaker
12.55 pm Welcome and chair Shaun Robinson 
1.00 pm BSE right heart guideline Dan Knight
1.20 pm Ebstein's disease: Adult perspective Stephanie Curtis
1.40 pm Scientist/physiologist-led heart failure clinics Maria Paton
2.00 pm Differentials of the dilated right heart Madalina Garbi
2.20 pm 3D tricuspid valve assessment Luigi Badano
2.40 pm Question and answer session
Saturday 10 October 2020

9.55 am - 12.30 pm

Time Talk Speaker
9.55 am Welcome and chair  Claire Colebourn
10.00 am Normal reference intervals Allan Harkness
10.20 am Mitral valve Bushra Rana
10.40 am Cardio-oncology Rebecca Dobson
11.00 am Aortic stenosis Liam Ring
11.20 am Diastolic function Allan Harkness
 11.40 am  Pulmonary and tricuspid valve Abbas Zaidi 
12.00 pm Question and answer session
 12.25 pm  Closing remarks and Investigator of the Year announcement Claire Colebourn 

All times shown are in BST (UTC+1)

Each live session is worth 2 BSE category I points, for a maximum of 12 for attendance at the full virtual conference. Find out more.

Additional tracks

You'll also be able to access lots of pre-recorded presentations from our fantastic speakers and educators.

Talk Speaker
Setting up a cardio-oncology echo service Jose Bingcang 
Exercise stress echo and cardiopulmonary exercise testing in cardio-oncology   Daniel Chen 
The role of echo in the multimodality imaging assessment of a cardio-oncology patient   Arjun Ghosh
 The role of echocardiography in the evaluation of cardiac masses Lynne WIlliams
Talk Speaker
Perioperative echo in ventricular assist devices  Madhav Swaminathan  
Perioperative echo in thoracic organ transplant   Sarka Moravcova  
 Perioperative echo for lung transplantation   Mahesh Prabhu 
Echo in venovenous extra corporeal membrane oxygenation  Bessie Kachulis 
Echo in venoarterial extra corporeal membrane oxygenation   Sharon McCartney 
Echo in pulmonary artery hypertension  Bessie Kachulis 
The future of perioperative echo  Madhav Swaminathan  
Talk Speaker 
The patient with palpitations Waheed Akhtar
The patient with swollen ankles Kate Gatenby
The patient with chest pain Martin Stout
Talk Speaker 
Clinical applications of 3D printing Mari Forte
Segmental approach to congenital heart disease Lindsey Hunter
Assessment of pulmonary regurgitation in repaired Tetralogy of Fallot Gui Rego
Imaging bicuspid aortic valve disease in children and adolescents John Simpson
Peri-procedural echo for congenital interventions  Radwa Bedair 
 Accreditation developments Harpreet Kaur Sahemey
Talk Speaker 
The international primate heart project Aimee Drane
Hypertension Angus Nightingale
Altitude and the heart Mike Stembridge
Echocardiography following prolonged strenuous exercise David Oxborough
Pregnancy Stephanie Curtis
Talk Speaker 
Pulmonary embolism Anjana Siva
Post-MI VSD Rick Steeds
Post-MI MR Anita MacNab
Cardiac responses to sepsis Claire Colebourn
 Tamponade  Keith Pearce
 Multiple echogenic structures in the heart  Waheed Akhtar
Level 1 casebook
Top tips
Lung ultrasound in the emergency setting

Richard Fisher, Francisca Caetano, David Garry, Rakhee Hindocha, Peter Moran, Jonah Powell-Tuck, Antonio Rubino, Hatem Soliman-Aboumarie, Kelly Victor, Claire Colebourn, Segun Olusanya and Adrian Wong
Talk Speaker 
How to pass your OSFA Andrew Fletcher
Critical appraisal of research Emma Rees
STP equivalence James Willis
Talk Speaker 
How to 'pitch' research  John Gierula
Experience from a PhD Aimee Drane
How to make a research poster James Willis
How to shape a research question Martin Stout
Routes into clinical academia Maria Paton
How to review a research article David Oxborough
Talk Speaker 
Clinical standards  Tom Ingram
Regional representatives Cheryl Oxley 
Communications  Kelly Victor
 Education  Dan Augustine and Shaun Robinson
 Research  Maria Paton and David Oxborough
 Accreditation  Sadie Bennett and Steve Hodgson
Talk Speaker 
Clinical value of stress transaortic flow rate during dobutamine echocardiography in low-gradient aortic stenosis Anastasia Vamvakidou
An evaluation of the stress echocardiography service for cardiac screening in patients awaiting kidney transplantation Cathy Tojo
Comparisons of left ventricular systolic function in DCD vs DBD cardiac transplantation Luke Hulatt
Allometrically normalised reference values and Z-scores of right ventricle and atrial size in male Arab and black paediatric athletes Gavin McClean
Point-of-care echocardiography and thoracic ultrasound in the management of critically ill patients with COVID-19 infection: Experience in three regional UK intensive care units Helen Jordan
Left ventricular geometry in athletes engaged in mixed and endurance sports: definition based on a novel 4-tier geometry classification Danielle McDerment
Insights and knowledge sharing in echo 2020
Advanced visualization and automation delivering a new view and quantification for LAA
Intuitive 3D guidance in the treatment of LAA occlusion
Echo-CT fusion in the cath lab: MR management
Using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve workflow efficiency and reproducibility in echo
Opening a world of new opportunities for the right side of the heart
How to assess the lungs (FUSIC lung)
A clear image: Echo vs MRI in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)