Our Education Committee have worked hard to put together a robust educational programme to meet your echo development needs.

Join us from Monday 11 - Saturday 16 October 2021 for our live sessions, shown below:

Monday 11 October 2021

12.55 pm - 3.00 pm

Time Talk Speaker
12.55 pm Welcome and chair Navroz Masani
1.00 pm Segmental approach to congenital echocardiography Cathy West
1.20 pm Echocardiographic assessment of left to right shunts Kate English
1.40 pm Scientist/physiologist led congenital echocardiography and congenital accreditation Jan Forster
2.00 pm Tetralogy of fallot: Diagnosis to long term follow up Radwa Bedair
2.20 pm Transposition of the great arteries and congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries: Diagnosis to long term follow up John Simpson
2.40 pm Question and answer session
Tuesday 12 October 2021

6.25 pm - 8.30 pm

Time Talk Speaker
6.25 pm Welcome and chair Richard Fisher
6.30 pm Volume status and what echocardiography can add Claire Colebourn
6.50 pm Echocardiography in the patient undergoing mechanical ventilation Antoine Vieillard-Baron
7.10 pm The septic heart Sam Orde
7.30 pm Mechanical support: IABP and percutaneous VAD Susanna Price
7.50 pm Mechanical support: ECMO Nadia Aissaoui
8.10 pm Question and answer session
Wednesday 13 October 2021

12.55 pm - 3.00 pm

Time Talk Speaker
12.55 pm Welcome and chair  Daniel Augustine
1.00 pm Differentiating DCM from athlete's heart Lynne Millar
1.20 pm Speckle tracking echocardiography of the athlete's heart Lynsey Forsythe
1.40 pm Differentiating arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy from athlete's heart  Victoria Pettemerides
2.00 pm BSE athlete's COVID project David Oxborough
2.20 pm Assessment of the athlete's heart: Impact of ethnicity and sporting discipline Aneil Malhotra
2.40 pm Question and answer session
Thursday 14 October 2021

6.25 pm - 8.30 pm

Time Talk Speaker
6.25 pm Welcome and chair Keith Pearce
6.30 pm Amyloid Carol Whelan
6.50 pm Constriction Rick Steeds
7.10 pm Myocarditis Gerry Carr-White
7.30 pm Hypertension Amy Burchell
7.50 pm Tako tsubo cardiomyopathy Rebecca Schofield
8.10 pm Question and answer session
Friday 15 October 2021

12.55 pm - 3.00 pm

Time Talk Speaker
12.55 pm Welcome and chair Anjana Siva
1.00 pm EVAREST study Paul Leeson
1.20 pm Ischaemic heart disease Anita MacNab
1.40 pm Diastolic function assessment Shaun Robinson
2.00 pm Physiologist and scientist-led clinics: Set-up to current UK practice James Willis
2.20 pm Debate: CTCA vs DSE Marc Dweck vs Roxy Senior
2.40 pm Question and answer session
Saturday 16 October 2021

9.55 am - 12.30 pm

Time Talk Speaker
9.55 am Welcome and chair  Claire Colebourn
10.00 am Contrast echocardiography Mark Monaghan
10.20 am 3D valvular assessment Bushra Rana
10.40 am 3D ventricular assessment Denisa Muraru
11.00 am Strain imaging Martin Stout
11.20 am Transthoracic microbubble study Guy Lloyd
11.40 am Question and answer session
12.00 pm  Closing remarks and Investigator of the Year announcement Claire Colebourn 

All times shown are in BST (UTC+1)

Each live session is worth 2 BSE category I points, for a maximum of 12 for attendance at the full virtual conference. Find out more.

On demand tracks

You'll also be able to access lots of pre-recorded presentations from our fantastic speakers and educators.

Talk Speaker
TOE for transcatheter tricuspid valve repair Joerg Ender
Perioperative diastolic dysfunction Madhav Swaminathan
Perioperative TOE for open mitral valve repair surgery Mahesh Prabhu
 Aortic valve: Repair or replace? Chirojit Mukherjee
Perioperative TOE for minimally invasive mitral valve surgery Douglas Shook
TOE for TAVI  Susan Wright
Talk Speaker
Introduction to cardio-oncology Arjun Ghosh
Right heart echocardiography in oncology patients Kalliopi Keramida
GLS: How important is it in the evaluation of oncology patients? Jennifer Liu
 Do all oncology patients need a 3D echo? Bonnie Ky
Succour trial: Relevance to daily practice  Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan
Talk Speaker 
Echo assessment of pulmonary hypertension in patients with CHD Paul Clift
The use of 3D echocardiography in the assessment of ASDs Saleha Kabir
The Ozaki procedure Filippo Rapetto
Multimodality imaging fusion for 3D printed models and virtual reality Israel Valverde
Talk Speaker 
Topics to be confirmed Natasha Anderson
Mellissa Baker
 Sadie Bennett
Rob Chamberlain
Jaspal Gill
 Carol Graham
Emma Lane
Nicolas Merke 
 Jessica Webster
 Vitor Morgado-Weaver
Talk Speaker 
A practical approach to assess LV systolic function and assessment of LV ejection fraction Waheed Akhtar
Standardising training protocols and delivery of basic theory and practical knowledge of echocardiography Naveed Saeed
The registrar journey at ST3 Shivasankar Murugansukumar
ST4 and above: The basics and a practical approach to assessment of the mitral and aortic valves  Arsalan Farhangee
A guide to advanced echo for specialist training: TOE, DSE and contrast  Hazlyna Kamaruddin
 Basics of echocardiography and Doppler: Optimization and calculations Joseph Walukiewicz 
The JRCPTB requirement in specialist training: The echocardiography pathway/syllabus   Maria Mahmood
Talk Speaker 
Transcatheter mitral valve repair: Planning and periprocedural TOE David Hoare
TOE in anaesthetics and ICU Nick Fletcher
TOE in infective endocarditis: Cases that you will never forget Julia Grapsa
Percutaneous device closure: Planning and periprocedural TOE for PFO and ASD closures  Arionilson Gomes
Talk Speaker 
Clinical standards  Tom Ingram
Regional representatives Cheryl Oxley 
Communications  Kelly Victor
 Education  Dan Augustine and Shaun Robinson
 Echo Research and Practice  Mark Monaghan and Petros Nihoyannopoulos
 Research  Maria Paton
 Accreditation  Sadie Bennett
 Departmental accreditation Sarah Ritzmann