Our Education Committee have worked hard to put together a robust educational programme to meet your echo development needs.

Join us on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October 2022 for our first truly hybrid conference.












8.00 am Registration

8.45 am

Welcome and introduction

Claire Colebourn

9.00 am

Plenary session
Chairs: Claire Colebourn and Martin Stout

BSE: Since we last met … (2019)

Claire Colebourn

BSE regional reps: A national network

Wendy Gamlin

Population studies: Current concepts and future perspectives

Vassilios Vassiliou

10.30 am

Tea and coffee break and exhibition

11.00 am

Prosthetic valves
Chairs: Liam Ring and Cathy West

Prosthetic mitral valve: Standard echo assessment and minimum dataset

Jim Newton

Scientist/ physiologist delivered services
Chairs: Keith Pearce and Sarah Ritzmann

Valve clinic

Michael Purdon

Valvular assessment
Chairs: Waheed Akhtar and Elliot Smith

Assessment of aortic stenosis

Catherine Townsend

Mitral paravalvular regurgitation

Bushra Rana

Stress echo

James Willis

Assessment of mitral regurgitation

Martin Stout

Prosthetic aortic valve: Standard echo assessment and minimum dataset

Sandeep Hothi


Anjana Siva

Assessment of aortic regurgitation

Kelly Victor

Aortic paravalvular regurgitation assessment

Sushma Rekhraj



12.30 pm

Lunch break and exhibition

1.30 pm

Echocardiography in pregnancy
Chairs: Victoria Pettemerides and Anita MacNab

Normal physiological changes: Chamber size and function

Hannah Douglas

Chairs: Richard Fisher and Anjana Siva

ASD assessment

Radwa Bedair

Chamber assessment
Chairs: Evie Greenhough and Maria Paton

Assessment of the left ventricle

Wendy Gamlin

Valvular assessment: Normal physiology and valve disease

Mark Belham

TOE in trans catheter mitral valve intervention

Jess Webster

Assessment of the right ventricle

Dan Augustine

Emergency echo in the sick peripartum patient

Claire Colebourn


Antonio Rubino

Atria and aorta

Emma Rees

Echo triage and surveillance frequency

Stephanie Curtis



3.00 pm

Tea and coffee break and exhibition

3.30 pm

Congenital heart disease
Chairs: Stephanie Curtis and Jan Forster

A practical guideline for performing a comprehensive TTE in congenital heart disease

Liam Corbett

Stress echo in every day practice
Chairs: Sandeep Hothi and Liam Ring

Contrast optimisation

Reinette Hampson

The patient presenting with:
Chairs: Wendy Gamlin and Emma Rees


Anjana Siva

The single ventricle: Anatomic and functional assessment

Hannah Bellsham-Revell

Aortic stenosis: Top tips

Sanjeev Bhattacharyya

Chest pain

Keith Pearce

Left heart obstruction in congenital heart disease

Nav Masani


Roxy Senior


Tom Ingram

Shunts: Assessment through to closure

Radwa Bedair

Mitral valve disease

Guy Lloyd



5.00 pm

Drinks reception


Time Session Presentation Speaker Session Presentation Speaker Session Presentation Speaker
8.15 am Registration
9.00 am Reading with experts: Mitral regurgitation
Chairs: Anita MacNab and Mark Monaghan
Ischaemic MR Rick Steeds BSE strain guideline
Chairs: Waheed Akhtar and Martin Stout
Left ventricle Martin Stout Abstract session and poster reviews
Chairs: Dave Oxborough and Maria Paton
Prolapse Bushra Rana Right ventricle Abbas Zaidi
MR with concomittant aortic valve disease Tom Ingram Atria Shaun Robinson

Laura Dobson

Cardio-oncology Rebecca Dobson
10.30 am Tea and coffee break and exhibition
11.00 am Reading with experts: Aortic stenosis
Chairs: Sanjeev Bhattacharyya and Sushma Rekhraj
Advanced parameters Shaun Robinson Echocardiography in cardiac muscle disease
Chairs: Allan Harkness and Jim Newton
Fabry Rick Steeds

Research and audit
Chairs: Dave Oxborough and Maria Paton

A year in echo research Dave Oxborough
BAV assessment Stephanie Curtis Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Victoria Pettemerides Research and audit committee update Maria Paton
Projected AVA Liam Ring BSE amyloid guideline Will Moody How to apply for research funding John Gierula
Low flow - normal EF Attila Kardos How to research  James Willis
How to choose outcome measures Alena Shantsila
How to write for research Aimee Drane
12.30 pm Lunch break and exhibition
1.30 pm Annual General Meeting
2.15 pm Tea and coffee break and exhibition
2.30 pm International and invited talks
Chairs: Dan Augustine and Shaun Robinson
Imaging for heart failure Otto Smiseth
31 years of the BSE: Past, present and future Keith Pearce
3.50 pm Closing remarks and presentation of awards Claire Colebourn
4.00 pm Close of meeting