Fellowship of the British Society of Echocardiography recognises a member's contribution to the field of echocardiography. It indicates to colleagues and patients that the member is part of a group of professionals whose high standing in the field of echocardiography has been recognised by their peers and is open to all members of the Society who are in good standing, have been a member for a minimum of 3 years and who meet the eligibility criteria.

When establishing the programme in 2018, the Society awarded Honorary Fellowships to individuals who have held the position of either President or Vice Presidents of the British Society.  International guest speakers at the BSEcho annual conference also receive Honorary Fellowship.

Fellowship applications are now open until Friday 31 July 2020. Please complete the application form below and send it to [email protected]

There is a £150 fee for fellowship applications.

Application form

Honorary fellows

  • Professor Mark Monaghan, 2018
  • Dr Gordon Williams, 2018
  • Dr Alan Houston, 2018
  • Mr Graham Leech, 2018 (posthumously)
  • Dr John Chambers, 2018 
  • Dr Kevin Fox, 2018
  • Dr Helen Rimington, 2018
  • Dr Guy Lloyd, 2018
  • Dr Rick Steeds, 2018
  • Dr Vishal Sharma, 2018
  • Dr Alan Klein, 2018
  • Dr Bogdan Popescu, 2018
  • Professor Gilbert Habib, 2018
  • Mr Keith Pearce, 2018
  • Professor Simon Ray, 2019
  • Mrs Jane Allen, 2019
  • Professor Tom Marwick, 2019


  • Dr Martin Stout, 2019
  • Dr Abraham Chacko, 2019
  • Mrs Katherine Collins, 2019
  • Ms Catherine Thomson, 2019
  • Dr Dave Oxborough, 2019
  • Dr Allan Harkness, 2019