Accreditation committee

About the committee

The role of the Accreditation Committee consists of setting and updating the syllabuses, running the written examinations, and overseeing the administration of the logbook and video case submissions (including training of markers). The committee is divided into five subcommittees, listed below.


  • Transthoracic Level I accreditation
  • Transthoracic Level II accreditation
  • Transoesophageal accreditation
  • Critical care accreditation
  • Stress echo accreditation
  • Congenital echo accreditation

Role of subcommittees

Each of these subcommittees is overseen by a lead, and is made up of senior examiners, an exam writing team, and key personnel central to the running of examinations. Within our office structure, the committee is managed by the Chair of Accreditation and their deputies, supported by experienced and dedicated office staff who are familiar with and attend all practical examinations, helping to provide 500 examinations each year.