Departmental accreditation committee

‘Quality matters’ is the keystone of the Departmental accreditation committee.

Our dedicated committee is formed of a group of consultant cardiologists and cardiac physiologists constantly working to support departments in achieving the recognised benchmark of quality.

The committee exists to help all departments, large and small, facilitate quality control for appropriate equipment, processes and facilities, and ensure all services delivered adhere to our ethos of providing safe and effective patient care. Over the years we have experienced commendable and innovative work from departments achieving and exceeding the standards required to obtain accreditation.

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We invite you to join the Society in continually improving the national standard of echocardiography by exploring department accreditation, and joining the committee.

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Committee members

  • Sarah Ritzmann
  • Stephanie Baker
  • Jane Allen
  • Noel Black
  • Nina Bual
  • Laura Duffy
  • Anita Flynn
  • Keith Pearce
  • Catherine Townsend
  • Dr Stavros Apostolakis
  • Dr Andrew Elkington
  • Dr Andrew Houghton
  • Dr Robert Huggett
  • Dr Afshin Khalatbari
  • Dr Rick Steeds