Education committee

Our Education Committee undertakes a number of responsibilities to best support BSE members, including delivery of educational meetings, creation of online resources, development of guidelines and protocols, and support of ongoing research.

The Education Committee organises many eagerly anticipated events throughout the year, such as:

  • Annual conference
  • Advanced imaging (in partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine)
  • Echo in Ireland (in partnership with the Irish Cardiac Echo and Imaging Group)
  • Core knowledge
  • Exam preparation course

The committee supports local study days organised by regional representatives.

They also work on the compilation of online educational content, including distance learning modules and our iOS and Android apps.

Research sub-committee

One of the sub-committees helping to manage this important work is our Research sub-committee, offering expert peer review of research proposals that have assisted members in securing funding grants. Recently, the Research Committee has expanded its role to include participation in original research, something we consider highly beneficial and that we aim to develop further.

Get involved
With so many exciting projects happening within the education remit, we are always on the lookout for interested and dedicated participants. If you would like to learn more about becoming involved with the committee, please click below.


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