Before you register your interest in departmental accreditation, you complete the eligibility checklist to instantly benchmark your department against the criteria. 

Eligibility checklist

The eligibility checklist only covers a few of the many aspects of accreditation, but it focuses on some of the most important standards and those which the assessors have flagged as having presented problems in the past for other departments seeking accreditation.

If you complete the checklist and get a 'green light' then you can proceed to register your interest and check your eligibility in more detail. A 'red light' indicates that your department will not reach the required standards and you will need to make some changes.

Very occasionally a department may choose to apply for accreditation despite not reaching all of the standards because they want an independent assessment by the visiting team.

If you meet most but not all of the criteria for departmental accreditation, you may be eligible for echo quality accreditation and you will be directed to the appropriate area of our website to register your interest.

Eligibility check

Departmental accreditation standards

The departmental accreditation document is regularly revised to bring it up to date with recent developments in echocardiography.

Read the standards

Departments that submitted an accreditation or reaccreditation application before September 2019 will be assessed using the 2012 accreditation standards.