Adult Critical care echocardiography accreditation (ACCE)

Adult critical care echocardiography (ACCE) accreditation is the product of years of successful collaboration between the British Society of Echocardiography and the Intensive Care Society, recognising the need for intensive care practitioners to be able to perform transthoracic echocardiograms to inform management of critically unwell patients. Following successful completion, accreditation is valid for five years. 

A bespoke training syllabus reflects the patient cohort and the clinical questions unique to critical care echocardiography, and seeks to empower bedside clinicians to use the diagnostic power of echocardiography in their acute assessments and day to day care.

The accreditation process includes 250 cases, an MCQ exam and successful completion of a practical exam. ACCE accredited echocardiographers are specifically trained in the assessment of volume status and cardiac output, integrating echo evaluation and outcomes with current levels of organ support, whilst covering the core areas of the adult TTE accreditation pathway including two dimensional, colour and spectral Doppler.

Further details of the requirements to successfully complete accreditation can be found in the accreditation pack.