Membership terms and conditions 

British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) memberships run on a calendar year from 1 April to 31 March. Memberships are not pro-rated. Any membership purchased outside of the 1 April will be due for renewal on the next 1 April.

Membership of the BSE is open to everyone associated with echocardiography, for example: cardiac physiologists, clinical scientists, cardiologists, anaesthetists, acute medical physicians, anaesthetists, doctors in training, veterinarians, managerial, sales and technical staff of instrumentation companies; medical physicists, radiologists, and radiographers, including international colleagues/retired colleagues. Under the Articles of Association, membership may be refused if the Council considers that an applicant’s membership will be detrimental to the Society. The BSE maintains the right to request supplementary materials to support your application.

BSE members are required to conduct themselves in line with the organisations Code of Professional Conduct, which can be found here. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in termination of your membership and accreditation. For further details on the mission and values of the BSE, please see here.

After payment, your membership subscription is automatically activated, providing immediate access to online resources. The BSE reserves the right to check that you have applied for the correct level of membership. If the incorrect membership level has been purchased online, you will be advised about any differences in payments if applicable. Membership payments made debit or credit card will be processed immediately. Direct Debit payments will be processed on the date indicated on the Direct Debit form.

Applications which do not meet the relevant membership category criteria will be reviewed by the BSE Council. Once accepted by the Council, memberships will be confirmed. We endeavour to confirm all memberships within 48 hours of application.

Accredited members are required to keep their membership fees up to date, failure to pay for membership fees will result in the member being removed from the BSE accredited list. Upon reaccreditation members with outstanding membership fees will be required to clear all fees. 

Membership cancellation policy

You have 14 days from the sign-up date in which to cancel your membership subscription.

If you have paid your membership in full and decide to cancel after the 14-day grace period, no refunds are provided. If during this time you have purchased further BSE services at member rates you will be liable for any difference in the cost of member and non-member charges.

If you have paid by Direct Debit your membership will automatically renew on the 1 April using the bank account nominated by you. You may contact us at any time to change your nominated account or cancel your direct debit.