Consultation on the proposal for the supply and administration of medicines using patient group directions by clinical scientists across the United Kingdom

This is your chance to have your say in this crucial consultation.

This UK-wide consultation is being led by NHS England on behalf of the four nations and relates to proposed amendments to legislation to enable clinical scientists to use patient group directions (PGDs) to supply and administer medicines to their patients. 

PGDs are written instructions for medicines to be supplied and/or administered by certain health professionals to patients who share the same medical condition or other features without a prescription or other mechanism.

Some clinical scientists undertake diagnostic tests directly with patients and recommend treatments based on the test results. Currently, other health professionals, such as doctors, need to be involved in the patient's care to prescribe the medicines the patient needs.

The use of PGDs would mean that a greater number of patients could receive the medicines they need from the clinical scientist undertaking their care, without having to also see other health professionals, such as a doctor just to prescribe the medicines needed.

The consultation closes on Thursday 10 December 2020. If you haven’t already done so, make your voice heard by completing the survey below:

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