Clinical indications and triage of echocardiography posters

The British Society of Echocardiography is delighted to share new resources designed to assist with triaging of echo referrals.

We recognise that many centres faced capacity challenges before the pandemic and that the ongoing nature of the crisis means that those issues have only increased and widened to other centres. Even when we can return to ‘normal’ activity, it is likely that demand, and therefore pressures, will continue to grow. The focus of these documents is to try and streamline national triage processes, reducing variation and helping to reduce and address back log issues across the UK.

This project arose through a round table workshop with the pan-London NHSEI group looking at addressing the COVID-induced backlog of patients waiting for specialist tests including echocardiography.  The posters have been reviewed and formally endorsed by the London Cardiac Network Group and the London Clinical Advisory Group.

Poster sets comprise three posters for use in echo departments:

  • Out-patient requests (excluding the follow-up of established valve disease)
  • Heart valve disease
  • Emergency inpatient and critical care

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