#MyBSEcho2021 | A chance to delve into the research

The Investigator of the Year award is a “fantastic opportunity to develop as a researcher”.

I’ve always been interested in research and what colleagues across the UK are working on. So, each year at the BSE conference, I make a beeline to the research posters section, even before I get my first coffee and piece of cake. And this year will be no exception!

Thanks to the likes of John Gierula, Maria Paton, Aimee Drane and countless others, a research / clinical academic role for cardiac scientists is becoming more of a career option.

The Investigator of the Year award is a fantastic opportunity to develop as a researcher and gain experience in all aspects of a researcher’s role – undertaking your project, preparing your abstract, your poster, and presenting your work.

This year, I’ve even been brave enough to enter my own research for BSEcho2021. I can tell you first-hand that it was both exciting and nerve racking, but the joy of hearing that my abstract had been accepted was definitely worth it!

From the very first session, which kicks off with congenital heart disease, we see a high caliber of topics being covered, and it’s good to see athlete’s heart getting a session.

So, get a brew, grab a piece of cake, and have a browse through the research posters and presentations for Investigator of the Year award at BSEcho2021.

Sadie Bennet, Chief Cardiac Physiologist, Royal Stoke University Hospital

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