BSE N-STEP | Call for project proposal expressions of interest extended

Published 04/05/2022 | Updated 06/08/2022

In 2020, the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) partnered with the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility (CCRF) at The University of Oxford to produce the first ever BSE National review of Stress Echocardiography Practice (BSE-NSTEP). The partnership builds on the EVAREST study run by CCRF and is a valuable opportunity to review how stress echocardiography is being delivered in real world clinical practice. The study aims to define use, performance, and accuracy of all forms of stress echocardiography across the UK and is being achieved by a collaboration with over 30 NHS Trusts.

The BSE is now calling for expressions of interest from BSE members for research proposals that utilise the BSE-NSTEP dataset. Information about stress echocardiogram procedures and the underlying health conditions of the participants is now available for over 12,000 participants, of which 8,000 have adjudicated outcome data for at least 12 months. Detailed information on stress echo workforce utilisation is additionally available for 4000 studies.

Proposals will need to show they can use the BSE-NSTEP dataset to address questions that have the potential to inform and improve UK stress echo practice. If interested, please complete the expression of interest form found below and return to [email protected] by Friday 19 August 2022.

Download the expression of interest form

Proposals will be considered by the BSE-NSTEP committee and a shortlist of investigators invited to a collaborative workshop in September (date TBC). This workshop will be used to refine ideas and link together any investigators with similar proposals. No funding is available and no new data collection can be proposed but mentoring will be provided by the BSE-NSTEP committee and EVAREST research team to develop and deliver successful proposals.

For all those interested in BSE-NSTEP, a webinar about current work in progress took place on Wednesday 27 July 2022.

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The BSE-NSTEP oversight committee look forward to working with you on your expressions of interest.

Professor Paul Leeson, Dr Daniel Augustine, Dr Maria Paton, Dr David Oxborough, Mr Shaun Robinson, Professor Mark Monaghan, Mr Keith Pearce, Dr James Willis and Dr Jamie O’Driscoll