Are you our next Investigator of the Year?

Published 17/05/2022

Abstract submissions for BSEcho 2022 and the prize of Investigator of the Year 2022 will open on Monday 6 June 2022.

The evolution of echocardiography to become the advanced imaging modality it is today has been achieved through a combination of scientific research and discovery, technological developments, and continued service appraisal.

This innovation is driven by medical and healthcare professionals practicing within the service on a daily basis, applying evidence-based guidelines and undertaking research with demonstrable benefits to patient care and outcomes.

Clinicians and researchers from all backgrounds are invited to submit abstracts that describe:

  • Research projects
  • Interesting audit processes
  • Novel working practice or
  • Innovative service improvement programmes

Dr Maria Paton and Dr David Oxborough, Co-Leads of the Research and Audit Sub-Committee said "Research and audit give us the tools to change practice for the benefit of our patients, our colleagues, and ourselves. We are excited to invite you to submit your work for the BSE annual conference, a vital platform and scientific community where together we can learn about new findings, successes and even failures to drive important developments in echocardiography."

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