#MyBSE | My journey in science

Published 16/03/2023

Mr Curtis Page, Clinical Cardiac Scientist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Scientist Training Programme (STP) Representative for the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) shares his journey in healthcare science and through the STP for Healthcare Science Week 2023.

Like many cardiac physiologists, my education started in sports science. In the final year of my undergraduate degree, it became clear that I would need to specialise further to seek success in my career. I enrolled at Liverpool John Moores University and studied for an MSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology, where I learned about ECG interpretation and exercise tolerance testing. It was during my placement for this degree that I developed an interest in diagnostics.

My first break came 200 miles from home; I turned everything upside down to pursue my career. I worked alongside STP trainees and gained some experience supporting consultants in stress and transoesophageal echo. Training and progression were difficult to obtain, so I applied for the STP on the advice of friends and colleagues.

During an M&K Updates course on exercise tolerance testing, I met Jeffery Davison from Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT). Jeff invited me to the department to meet with his STP trainees, and immediately GSTT was my first choice. With added focus and determination, I was accepted onto the programme and placed at GSTT with Jeff as my training officer.

The STP programme allows one to study and progress under a structured and fully funded programme. It is a demanding programme that requires dedication, perseverance, and the occasional sacrifice of a personal life. Completing the programme during the pandemic was no small feat; my fellow graduates should be tremendously proud. 

The STP provided me with opportunities rarely available for people within healthcare science. During the programme, I completed an elective in echocardiography at Sarawak Heart Centre in Malaysia and successfully gained my accreditation in adult TTE. I have also been fortunate to sit on the BSE’s Advisory Council and Education Committee as the STP representative. 

I have been fortunate enough with my experiences so far. They will continue shaping my career positively for years to come. While the general public may not fully understand what a cardiac scientist is, I am committed to helping them understand the crucial role we have. Being part of such a dynamic and passionate workforce is a privilege; I meet wonderfully interesting people every day with new puzzles to solve.

I am an echocardiographer, and I work in cardiac science. 

If you have any questions about cardiac science, the Scientific Training Programme, or the BSE accreditation process, you can email Curtis here.