#BSEcho2023 | Bursaries give access to a unique platform

Published 14/06/2023

Dr Mushidur Rahman, Advanced Cardiac Physiologist at Birmingham City Hospital and PhD Researcher at Coventry University, shares his experience of applying for a British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) bursary.

Applying for a bursary to attend BSEcho 2022 was a great opportunity. The process of applying for the bursary was surprisingly straightforward, making it accessible and encouraging for aspiring attendees like myself. The application form was comprehensive yet user-friendly, guiding me through the necessary information, almost like writing a mini grant application.

As a full-time PhD researcher, this bursary proved to be an invaluable aid, providing significant assistance and support. When I discovered that the conference was in person again, I knew it was an event that I couldn't miss. However, the registration fees and associated costs were a little daunting. I was excited when I found out my application was successful as it would allow me to access a world of knowledge, networking opportunities, and personal growth. 

The conference was a melting pot of diverse ideas, innovative research, and experienced professionals. It provided me with a unique platform to connect with like-minded individuals, experts in my field, and mentors who guided and inspired me. The conference sessions were a treasure trove of knowledge, providing valuable insights and cutting-edge research in my area of interest. Engaging in thought-provoking discussions, attending workshops, and participating in networking events broadened my horizons and deepened my connection with the BSE family. I would definitely embark on these opportunities again and look forward to attending BSEcho 2023.

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