Protocols and guidelines

The Education Committee publishes a number of protocols and guidelines each year, carefully compiled through the joint efforts and feedback from our members and non-members alike; echocardiography professionals, patients, practitioners from primary care, and other specialties. We are hugely appreciative of the ongoing efforts of our community and Guideline Committee in helping create these protocols and guidelines.

Our guidelines are rooted in best practice, and focus on areas where there is clinical ambiguity and the greatest opportunity for impact. Clinical guidelines help to support evidence-based practice in echocardiography, and all guidelines can be found in the ECHO journal.

Similarly, our protocols help establish step-by-step procedures for performing roles within the echocardiography field, offering an advanced resource that can be beneficial across the board. Our protocols present minimum datasets for newly presenting patients, views and measurements needed for comprehensive studies in a variety of pathologies. They have been formatted to include text, images and video clips, making them much more engaging and efficient to absorb.

Frequency of publication

There are typically 2-3 new guidelines developed each year, and new protocols released on an ongoing basis.

Protocols and guidelines published in Echo Research and Practice

Assessment of left ventricular diastolic function6/3/2024Public/News/Articles/2024/2024-06/202406-PUE003.aspx
Assessment of cardiac amyloidosis5/30/2024Public/News/Articles/2024/2024-06/202405-PUE001.aspx
Stretching for the echocardiographer6/6/2023Public/Resources/Wellbeing/PUD002.aspx
Valve disease assessment3/30/2022Public/Education/Posters-and-guides-subpages/PUA006-valve-disease-assessment-poster.aspx
Primary care triage3/26/2021Public/Education/Posters-and-guides-subpages/PUA005-primary-care-triaging-poster.aspx
Clinical indications and triage of echocardiography1/12/2021Public/Education/Posters-and-guides-subpages/PUA001-triaging-posters.aspx
Normal reference ranges2/24/2020common/Uploaded%20files/Education/Posters/BSE%20A1%20New%20Normal%20references%20Mar%2020.pdf

Older protocols and guidelines not published in Echo Research and Practice

Video guides