STP/HSST equivalence fact-finding survey 2024

Published 05/04/2024

The British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) aims to serve it’s members and their patients in the best and most efficient ways possible.

The Society recognises the importance of registration as a clinical scientist to demonstrate commitment to maintaining standards of education, competence and conduct together with providing assurance for employers, patients and the public. Through the modernising scientific careers programme, the National School for Healthcare Science delivers the academic process for trainees on the bachelors (PTP), masters (STP) and doctoral (HSST) pathways into cardiac science, while the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) has developed a process whereby existing qualified staff are able to demonstrate that their life-time of training, experience and responsibilities are equivalent to one of these three career levels; for accredited echocardiographers, this level is STP equivalence. Registration as a clinical scientist provides a level of clinical governance that is beneficial to our membership and the patients/public they encounter and we therefore support the process of demonstrating equivalence.

We have designed this survey to guide us in the development of resources that will enable our membership to undertake these processes. If you are interested in STP or HSST equivalence, please click the link below to access the survey.

Access the survey