Written Examinations Registrations & Updates

Written examinations for TTE/Community Care, TOE, Stress Echo and Critical Care.

We are now delivering a new and improved exam via PearsonVUEClick here for the latest news on this process.

Spring 2019: Results for 24th April have been processed and uploaded to 'your documents'.

Autumn 2019:

  • Exams due: TTE & Community, Critical Care, TOE & Stress
  • Provisional date: Thursday 31st October
  • Pre-registration date: Monday 24th June and closing on Wednesday 24th July.
  • PearsonVUE are contacting pre-registered candidates to create web accounts- click here or call 0161 8557455

Pre-registered candidates were emailed on 24th July to confirm pre-registration. Data has been sent to PearsonVUE.

  • Candidates who have successfully pre-registered and received the pre-registration confirmation email will be contacted by Pearson VUE from 9th August.
  • Pre-registered candidates only- click here for further information on registrations.

We strongly advise candidates to read through the accreditation pack prior to signing up for the exam.

Please click on the relevant accreditation below to download the acceditation pack;

Dates for 2020 arriving soon:

  • TTE, Community Care & Critical Care written exams due in Spring 2020
  • TTE, Community, Critical Care, TOE & Stress Echo written exams due in Autumn 2020

Pre-registrations open at least 4 months prior to the exam dates, there is a 4 week window in which to register your interest to sit the exam, requests outside the given timeframe will not be considered.

Fully paid members will be updated via email with upcoming dates and notices. Click here to become a member.



  • Exam fees £250 covers both written and practical.
  • Resit Fees £125 only applies if physically sat the exam and applying within 12 months of the first sitting.
  • Pre-Registration: enter at least a couple of Cities or Towns of where you would like to sit the exam. PearsonVUE will try to reserve an adequate number of seats at the preferred centres.
  • To register for a BSE Examination, you must first be a subscribed member of the BSE.
  • You must complete the pre-registration form on this page (when made available) to register your interest for the applicable exam.
  • Click here to read the Accommodations Policy.
  • PearsonVUE customer service team will be available for registration queries after they have contacted successful pre-registered candidates.

Stress Echo Accreditation:                           Thursday 16th November 2017

Transthoracic Echo Accreditation:            Friday 24th November 2017

Transoesophageal Echo Accreditation: Thursday 30th November 2017

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