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A Standard Transthoracic Echo *

A Standard Transthoracic Echo

This document provides a framework which can be followed step-by-step by sonographers who wish to perform a comprehensive transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE) in an adult presenting to their department for the first time.

Diastolic Dysfunction *

Diastolic Dysfunction

Echocardiography plays a central role in the non-invasive evaluation of diastole and should be interpreted in the clinical context. This document gives recommendations for the image and analysis dataset required for the assessment of diastolic dysfunction (DD) using established indices acquired as part of the minimum dataset.

Mitral Stenosis *

Mitral Stenosis

This protocol outlines the views to be obtained and the measurements to be recorded when performing a comprehensive TTE in a patient with suspected or known mitral stenosis.

Mitral Valve Repair *

Mitral Valve Repair

A Guideline Protocol for the Assessment of the Mitral Valve With a View to Repair

Aortic Stenosis *

Aortic Stenosis

The BSE Education Committee has published a minimum dataset for a standard adult transthoracic echocardiogram. This document specifically states that the minimum dataset is usually only sufficient when the echocardiographic study is entirely normal.


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