I’m really excited for the #BSEcho2020 virtual conference. 

Although we all enjoy the social interaction of the annual meeting, the online format really lends itself to maximising the learning opportunities for all members. As we all know, it is impossible for all members in a department to travel to the conference. This new format will hopefully allow most members to gain knowledge and experience the talks either as they happen, or later when it might be more convenient.

The opportunity to listen to the talks when you feel most relaxed and engaged is a significant advantage of the virtual format. The rigid form of a traditional conference means you must be ready to learn when the session starts – but this is not always the best time for an individual to gain most. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the joint BSE/RSM Echo in the COVID era online event in this way: watching it bit-by-bit when the stresses of the day had passed! 

I think the education committee have, yet again, done a great job in producing a varied and engaging agenda and I am thoroughly looking forward to “conference week”.

Dr Andy Potter, GP with specialist interest in echocardiography and cardiology

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