The year 2020 has been a major challenge from all perspectives. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of stress for us all, but there have also been a lot of positive developments the last few months. 

I can’t begin to say how amazed I was by how people pulled together, and how the medical community used unconventional ways to make science available across the world in no time.

I’m very excited to see that BSEcho has embraced new ways of communicating, and the virtual format of this year’s conference is amazing for all the members across the UK who are eager for knowledge.

Straightaway I can see the advantages:

  • Being able to benefit from the experiences and knowledge of experts in a variety of subjects around echocardiography from the comfort of home or work
  • The chance to watch more sessions, as they are spaced out across several days and times, and some will even be pre-recorded
  • We will still be able to interact with each other and participate in the Q&A sessions

As a physiologist with a great interest in advanced practice, I am particularly looking forward to the sessions on physiologist-led services such as TOE, valve, and HF clinics as well as the session on clinical and echocardiographic correlates. 

Nowadays, the physiologist role is much broader than it was a few years ago. It’s important for us to know about clinical signs and how to assess them, as they will help us interpret our echo findings, and ultimately, help our patients in a safe and appropriate way.

Finally, I look forward to watching the recorded sessions, particularly the ones on GLS in cardio-oncology, research and STP career progression.

Happy conferencing to all!

Vitor Morgado Weaver, Chief Cardiac Physiologist, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

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