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BSEcho 2024 registration launched

Posted on 6/5/2024
Join us in Edinburgh


#MyBSE | My volunteering experience

Posted on 6/5/2024
Sarah Wilson shares her experience


Lifetime Achievement award nominations now open

Posted on 6/5/2024
Recognising those who have contributed significantly to the field of echocardiography


Position statement: Departmental standards and accreditation; journey of echo service accreditation

Posted on 6/4/2024
Proposing a journey of accreditation for echo providers with a step-wise approach to improving patient care


New diastolic function poster launched

Posted on 6/3/2024
"An excellent and highly convenient visual reference for all to benefit from."


LV diastolic function guideline published

Posted on 6/3/2024
“A highly valuable resource for early-career and experienced echocardiographers alike."


The impact of volunteers on accreditation

Posted on 6/3/2024
Jo Vashishta shares her experience


New congenital echocardiography eLearning module launched

Posted on 5/31/2024
Focusing on sequential segmental analysis


Fellowship applications now open

Posted on 5/31/2024
Do you have what it takes?


New amyloidosis poster launched

Posted on 5/30/2024
“Having the confidence to raise a suspicion of amyloidosis in a timely manner will ultimately save lives.”