New accommodations for LTFT/PT pre-accreditation members

Published 10/11/2022; updated 14/11/2022

One of the key strengths of the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) is its multidisciplinary membership.

We pride ourselves on building and supporting all members of the workforce and so when we were approached by the British Junior Cardiologists Association (BJCA) about how we could best support those who work less than full time (LTFT) through the process of becoming a fully accredited member of our Society, we were delighted to accommodate their request and extend the benefits to other part-time (PT) members.

The BJCA put a proposal to the Advisory Council and it was agreed that all pre-accredited members who are working PT or LTFT should be granted additional time to collect logbook cases. Having consulted with the Accreditation Committee and office team we devised a new extension request process based on sliding scale of working times, to assist LTFT/PT workers with completing BSE accreditation courses within a timeframe which best enables them to achieve their professional aspirations. Those who successfully apply for a BSE LTFT/PT extension request will have their logbook submission deadline extended appropriately in accordance with the percentage of hours they work. Those working 60% and below will receive a 24 month extension whilst those working 61% and above will receive a 12 month extension.

To complete the process, those who have passed their BSE theory examination can apply for the extension via our BSE extension request page, making sure to complete the form to the best of their abilities and including signed supporting evidence from their Head of Department. Members will not be charged a fee for this extension.

Dr Will Jenner, LTFT Representative for the BJCA and Dr Stephanie Hambleton, BJCA Representative for the BSE said "The BJCA exists to facilitate and support cardiology trainees with all aspects of training. Training less than full time (LTFT) can help to balance individual commitments, and the BJCA supports LTFT trainees to have equivalent access to training as full-time colleagues. We are delighted to have worked with the BSE on LTFT echocardiography accreditations, and the BSE have now created a logbook submission extension that reflects the lengthened duration of LTFT training. This extension system will be applicable to all staff that are LTFT and working towards BSE accreditation, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue the high standards of echocardiography set by the BSE."